SmartAgriHubs Project

Project Description

In the AgENt project we want to offer 20 interested DIHs the opportunity to map their innovation ecosystem actors to gain insights through AI-driven data analytics on their actor relations, the innovation services needed in their network, investment activities and communication trends. The Agrifood Ecosystem Navigator that we want to test and further develop with the DIHs in this project is based on the AI-driven ecosystem platform DataScouts and a protype of it that was already tested in the IoF2020 project. Unlike classical platform, this tool follows a contextual search approach that involves AI-driven agents crawling websites, social media communication and company databases for relevant information. Based on this information the Agrifood Ecosystem Navigator should automatically cluster actors and their relations, but also forget these connections if they are no longer existing.

Project Goal

In this SAH-funded project we intend to tailor our tool to the needs of agrifood DIHs and offer it in support workshops to interested DIHs to map their innovation ecosystems, provide better services to their clients and learn about their regional strengths to follow the smart specialization strategy of the European Commission and JRC. Finally we plan to organize a 4 challenge-based forums where DIHs meet with larger umbrella organizations like EIT Food, Era-Nets or EIC to form collaborations. This series of forums prepares a larger virtual summit for innovation actors in June 2022 where we present our results and establish a forum for innovation actors to coordinate their support activities.

  • Mapping the agrifood networks of 20 EU DIHs
  • Listing at least 500+ innovation actors
  • Making 250+ test site discoverable
  • Organize 4 DIH forums to foster collaboration
  • Arrange a "Spotlight on regions" event in August
  • Prove the sustainability of the platform

Current Status

We are currently mapping the innovations networks of 20 DIHs and indentify use-cases and needs of the DIHs that the Agrifood Ecosystem Navigator should fullfill.

Project Status

Still accepting DIH test users in return for a free 1-year license and looking still for test farms and facilities to map them for EU innovation hubs

Target Group

Agrifood Innovation Hubs


Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Big Data

Project End

August 31, 2022

Project Budgets